Partial Cashout is your opportunity to receive back your bet amount without waiting for the final outcome of the game - not only completely, but also partially. In other words, part of the bet is returned via Partial Cashout and the other part remains in the game.


1.To do a Partial Cashout for online bets, log in to “Bet History” section from your profile. 2.Here, in front of the bets subject to “Cashout”, you will see the amount you can get when making a “Cashout”.
3.After clicking on the amount, a window will open, where you need to choose the amount of the Cashout. Here you can see the Cashout amount and the amount which will remain in the game. 4.After choosing the amount, put a tick if you agree with the amount and click on “CASHOUT”. Here you can choose both: full amount and part of it.
5.You can make a Cashout for the remaining amount in the same way as in the first case.