21+ | Warning: participation in the game may result in material losses. Playing drunk or depressed is unacceptable.

Play Backgаmmon, Dominoes and Toto 21, Win Bomb Jackpot!

Bomb Jackpot is your chance to win pots of money! Just play Backgаmmon, Dominoes or Toto 21 and win at any moment, with any bet. You can win, even if you made a bet of 50 AMD.

What is Bomb Jackpot and how it is raffled off?

The initial prize fund is 10,000 AMD, to which some percent of commission fees from the Backgammon, Dominoes and Toto 21 tables is added. Thus, we provide preliminary 10,000 AMD, but this amount may rise explosively!

Create or join tables with any bet in Backgаmmon, Dominoes or Toto 21.

To win Bomb Jackpot, you need to be in the game at the moment.

The Jackpot winners may be chosen at any moment.

The choice is made randomly, and the prize fund is distributed between both participants of the given game - evenly, 50/50.

You can see the Jackpot amount in the Backgаmmon, Dominoes, Toto 21 sections.

This Jackpot is not available for the Backgаmmon, Dominoes and Toto 21 tournaments.

TotoGaming has the right to make changes in the terms and conditions mentioned above, previously explaining the changes made and informing the participants about it.

In case of violations TotoGaming can use restrictions to the game account.