21+ | Warning: participation in the game may result in material losses. Playing drunk or depressed is unacceptable.

Change Dice in Backgammon

If you love backgammon, you probably know that one timely dice can change the course of the game, up to the winning end. And now you can change any dice in backgammon at any time, and, why not, thereby affect the further course of the game. New "Change Dice" function makes it possible to replace from 1 to 2 dices during one game. You can use this opportunity after you have thrown a dice, but before you make a move.

Who can change dice?

Anyone can use “Dice Change” option. However, this function only works in tournaments with "Dice Change" option. For different tournaments, a different number of dice changes is possible.

How to change a dice?

During the game, you have the opportunity to change a dice by clicking "Dice Change" button. You will be asked to choose the dice you want to replace, after which you have to confirm your choice.

Cost of dice change

You can find out about the cost of dice change in the information window of the tournament. Each time you replace a dice, the system will deduct from your account the amount that is provided for dice change in particular tournament.During the first game of FreeRoll tournaments, dice change is free. But in subsequent games you have to pay the cost which is provided for the particular game.

The "Dice Change" function on the Backgammon tables

From now on, the "Dice Change" function is also available when creating tables in all the Backgammon types (Short, Long, Blitz, Pioneer, Hyper, Nack).

Due to this function, you have an opportunity to change one or both dice rolled by you at any time of the game.

When creating a table in Backgammon, you choose by yourself if you want to activate the "Dice Change" function, or not, and if yes, you choose how many dice you want to change during the game - one or both. You can’t choose these two options at the same time:

After choosing the option of changing one or both dice, you then choose how many times you want to change dice during one game:

In case of changing the rolled dice, the new dice are selected by the system randomly. After each dice change, the system charges from the gaming account a fee of 5% (in case of changing 1 dice) or 10% (in case of changing 2 dice) of your bet amount.

For example, if you create a table with a bet of 10,000 AMD or join such a table, then 500 AMD will be charged from your gaming account in case of changing 1 dice and 1,000 AMD - in case of changing 2 dice.

How to change dice

During the game, you can change the dice you rolled by clicking on the "Change dice" button. In case of changing 1 dice, you will be offered to choose the dice that you want to change, after that you need to confirm your choice. In case of changing 2 dice, you just need to click on the "Change dice" button and confirm.

In case of violation of the above-mentioned points, TotoGaming is entitled to deprive the player of the right to participate in the game, as well as apply other restrictions to the game account

TotoGaming has the right to make changes in the terms and conditions mentioned above, previously explaining the changes made and informing the participants about it