“EGT MAESTRO” Tournament

100,000,000 AMD and a trip to Monaco for 2

3,125,000 AMD EVERY DAY

The participants' ID numbers and points are listed below:
Updated on 24.05.2017, 23:59


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The participants' ID numbers and points are listed below:
Updated on 24.05.2017, 23:59

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Monaco has never been so available! Head to Monaco and Monte Carlo famous for the luxury casinos and fantastic beaches. Moreover, win your share of the daily prize fund of 3,125,000 AMD. The “EGT Maestro” tournament has already started…

Yes-yes, the “EGT Maestro” tournament offers a prize fund of 100,000,000 AMD and a trip to Monaco for 2 persons for 5 days. The tournament will last for 32 days: from 08:00 a.m., January 1 to 08:00 a.m., February 2.

The daily prize fund is 3,125,000 AMD. Collect the most points during the 32 days and win a trip to Monaco. The trip includes visa, airplane tickets, transfer on the limousine, stay at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo 5-star hotel and money amount of 3,000 EUR (1,641,000 AMD).

At the end of each "EGT Maestro" tournament day, the prize fund of 3,125,000 AMD will be distributed among 25 participants who have collected the most points in the following way:

Place Prize
1 800.000
2 500.000
3 400.000
4 300.000
5 200.000
6 100.000
7 100.000
8 100.000
9 80.000
10 80.000
11 80.000
12 80.000
13 50.000
14 50.000
15 50.000
16 25.000
17 25.000
18 25.000
19 15.000
20 15.000
21 15.000
22 10.000
23 10.000
24 10.000
25 5.000


Bets made on all EGT slot games participate in “EGT Maestro” tournament.

Points are accumulated for a single spin for bets of 75 AMD and more. For every 750 AMD you will get 1 point. For example, if you make a bet of 1,500 AMD on any of the slots in the tournament, you will get 2 points. If you make a bet of 7,500 AMD, you will get 10 points accordingly.


The points of the "EGT Maestro" tournament are calculated every day - for the bets made in the period from 8:00 AM to 07:59 AM of the next day. 25 participants with the most points collected share the prize fund of the tournament day - 3.125.000 AMD.

The "EGT Maestro" tournament will last 32 days. There is a prize fund of 3.125.000 AMD available on each tournament day: 100,000,000 AMD in total.

After the end of each tournament day, all points are reset to zero, and the next tournament day begins - with a new prize fund of 3.125.000 AMD.

The prize money is credited to the winners' game account after the end of each tournament day.

The ID numbers of the participants who scored the most points will be posted on the site within 12 hours after the end of the tournament.

You can get acquainted with the collected points and rankings by clicking the “Cup” tab at the top of the page, and you can track the bets history in the section of "Game History".

In case of breach of TotoGaming's general terms and conditions, the organization is entitled to deprive the right to participate in the tournament as well as to impose other restrictions on the gambling account.

TotoGaming reserves the right to make changes in the aforementioned conditions, justifying the changes made beforehand and informing the participants about it.