21+ | Warning: participation in the game may result in material losses. Playing drunk or depressed is unacceptable.

«Страховка»/”Insurance”- winning possibility independent of the game result. Let your money appear in your pocket without waiting for the final outcome of the game. You just need to choose the bet for which you want to make «Страховка»/”Insurance” and you’ll receive your money independent of the event result.

You can make «Страховка» /”Insurance” not only for online but also bets made in Betshops.

«Страховка»/”Insurance” function is available for both Live and Pre-match single and multiple bet types. The special «Страховка»/”Insurance” sign is presented for all available bets.

To make «Страховка» /”Insurance” for online bets, enter the section «История Ставок» /“Bet history”. Here, in front of the bets subject to «Страховка»/ “Insurance”, you will see the amount you can get when making a «Страховка»/”Insurance” for that bet. If you agree with the parameter changes of «Страховка» calculation (Согласиться с изменением параметров расчета страховки) click on the presented amount. Afterwards a window will open where you should put a tick and click on the button «ПОЛУЧИТЬ СТРАХОВКУ»/”RECEIVE INSURANCE”.

How is «Страховка»/Insurance calculated?

You make a Single bet of 1000 AMD on the game “Armenia-Denmark” on the victory of Armenia (A1) with 2.2 odd. In case of the victory the win amount will be 2200 AMD: 1 000 x 2.2.

After making a bet, A1 odd falls from 2.2 to 1.5. In that case the system calculates the odds correlation (2.2/1.5), which is multiplied by the bet amount. Afterwards the commission defined by the organisator is deducted. In the following example the commission is 8.5% (2.2/1.5 x 1 000) - 8.5 % = 1 342. You have a chance to take 1 342 AMD via «Страховка»/”Insurance” before the event outcome becomes known.

In case the odd rises the system calculates «Страховка»/”Insurance” amount in the same way decreasing the possible loss amount.

You make a multiple bet of 1000 AMD on 3 different events with 5.8 odd.

1-st event (Total Over (2.5)): 1.6

2-nd event (A2):1.3

3-rd event (A 1):2.8

In case of victory the win amount will be 5 800 AMD: 1 000 x 1.6 x 1.3 x 2.8.

If two out of three multiple bets already won and you either doubt about 3-rd event outcome or don’t want to wait for its end, you can use «Страховка»/”Insurance” function. As a result you can take your money before knowing the 3-rd event result.

If, during the above mentioned process, the A1 odd of the 3-rd event falls from 2.8 to 2.3, the win amount is calculated in the following way:

The overall odd is divided into the changed odd of the 3-rd event (5.8/2.3), and the received correlation is multiplied by the bet amount. Afterwards the defined commission is deducted from the received result, which in this example is 18% (5.8/2.3 x 1 000) – 18% = 2 069. You have a chance to take 2 069 AMD via «Страховка»/”Insurance” function before knowing the event result.

In case the odd rises, the system calculates the «Страховка»/”Insurance” amount in the same way by decreasing the possible money loss.

With the help of «Страховка»/”Insurance” function you can return your bet in case the odds remained the same.

In this case only the commission defined by the organizer is deducted from your bet amount.

The organizer reserves the right (by his/her discretion) to restrict, suspend «Страховка» ”Insurance” function temporarily or permanently, as well as change commission amount.