21+ | Warning: participation in the game may result in material losses. Playing drunk or depressed is unacceptable.


When creating a table in Classic Belote, you are given the opportunity to choose the "Draw" option. Using this function you can change any of your cards.

1. The “Draw” function is activated only after dealing all cards (9 cards).

2. Before making the first move during each hand you get only one possibility to change your card.

3. You can change any of your cards.

4. The new card is randomly chosen by the system.

5. After every card change the system charges only 10% of your stake from your balance.

6. In case you have chosen “Game with Cube” when creating a table and have multiplied your stake, the system will charge from your balance 10% of the multiplied stake.


1. Via «Draw» function you can change any card in tournaments (Classic and Short Belote).

2. You just need to join the tournaments with “Draw” option.

3. Every time after you change the card, the system will charge 10 % from buy in/Rebuy of the given round, regardless of the fact if you made Rebuy or not.

4. In the rounds with no-Rebuy the system charges 10% from the last round Rebuy.

5. In FreeRoll tournaments the card changing option for the first round will be free. In the next rounds the price for changing a card will depend on the Rebuy amount of the given round, regardless of the fact the client made Rebuy or not.

6. The card changing cost in the rounds with no-rebuy will be 10% of the last rebuy amount.