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New tournament in TV Games

All the games of the TV Games section participate, except for:

Sportloto 5 from 36

Sportloto 7 from 42


Make one-time bets of 2,000 AMD and more in the games participating in the tournament.

Collect points.

For each 2,000 AMD of the bet, get 1 point.


For a one-time bet of 2,000 AMD, you get 1 point

For a one-time bet of 3,000 AMD, you also get 1 point (2,000+1,000)

For a one-time bet of 4,000 AMD, you get 2 points (2,000+2,000)

For a one-time bet of 6,000 AMD, you get 3 points (2,000+2,000+2,000)

And so on…

Important: within the tournament, you need to make bets from the same game account in order to collect points on that account.

Each week, 7 participants with the most points collected win the tournament.

The weekly prize fund of 777,000 AMD is distributed among the winners as follows:

PlacePrize (AMD)
1 237,000

The tournament starts on November 6, 08:00 AM and lasts till December 4, 07:59 AM.

It consists of 4 weeks – 4 rounds:

First round: from November 6, 08:00 until November 13, 07:59

Second round: from November 13, 08:00 until November 20, 07:59

Third round: from November 20, 08:00 until November 27, 07:59

Fourth round: from November 27, 08:00 until December 4, 07:59

The bets made on the site participate in the tournament.

The refunded bets do not participate in the tournament and will not be calculated.

The weekly calculation of points is made for the bets made between 08:00 AM of the given Wednesday and 07:59 AM of the next Wednesday.

The winners’ list of the preceding week is published on the following Wednesday.

In case of breach of TotoGaming's general terms and conditions, the organization is entitled to deprive the right to participate in the tournament as well as to impose other restrictions on the game account.

TotoGaming reserves the right to make changes in the aforementioned conditions, previously explaining the changes to be made and informing the participants about it.

PlaceIDTotal points

The participants' ID numbers and points are listed below:
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The participants' Casino ID numbers and points are listed below:
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