21+ | Warning: participation in the game may result in material losses. Playing drunk or depressed is unacceptable.

Winning Payouts in 1 hour

Winning with TotoGaming is not only infinitely joyful, but also very convenient! Because now you can withdraw your winnings in the Casino and Live Casino sections within 1 hour․․․ unlimited times. Maximum one hour, and you can hold your winnings in your hands! You can withdraw winnings through ArCa, iDram and BankTransfer systems.

Terms of winning payouts:

The possibility of getting an unlimited number of winnings within maximum 1 hour is valid only for Casino and Live Casino sections;

The winnings must be completely won in the Casino and/or Live Casino sections, otherwise the withdraw of the amount will not be considered within the scope of this opportunity;

Winning payouts during 1 hour is possible through all methods, except in betshops and by delivery service of TotoGaming;

During the day you can make unlimited amount of payouts;

In some cases, if it is necessary to identify risks and possible violations, the winning payout may take more than 1 hour;

TotoGaming is not responsible for delays in the winning payouts arising from technical or other problems with third parties (Arca, iDram, bank, etc.).