What is a High Hand Jackpot?

High Hand Jackpot is a real tidbit for those players who have enough courage and nerves to challenge the theory of probability.

Everything is simple here - get one of the "Four of a kind", "Straight Flush" or "Royal Flush" combinations on the 0.02 / 0.05C and 0.05 / 0.10C tables in the Hold'em cash games and win your share from the High Hand Jackpot.

To win the High Hand Jackpot, you don’t even need to win the current hand.

Jackpot amount depends on the type of combination, which brought you High Hand.


Until December 31


1. The game must continue up to the end, and eventually you need to open your cards (showdown);

2. To make the required combinations, you need to use both of your cards;

3. The Jackpot amount is distributed as follows:

- 2% of the Jackpot amount if you have a Royal Flush combination

- 1% of the Jackpot amount if you have a Straight Flush combination

- 0.5% of the Jackpot amount if you have a Four of a kind combination

If two or more players win the Jackpot with a combination that complies with the rules of winning, then all these players receive the corresponding percentage of the Jackpot amount. Payment

In case of a win, the High Hand Jackpot amount is immediately transferred to your account.

In case of breach of TotoGaming's general terms and conditions, the organization is entitled to deprive the right to participate in the promotion as well as to impose other restrictions on the game account.

TotoGaming reserves the right to make changes in the conditions mentioned above, previously explaining the changes to be made and informing the participants about it.