21+ | Warning: participation in the game may result in material losses. Playing drunk or depressed is unacceptable.



The Sport Tournament is your opportunity to correctly predict event outcomes without spending your money. That is - FREE!

Collect the most bonus points and win:

Up to 100,000 AMD each day

Up to 2,000,000 AMD each month

Hyundai Accent

- For each participant a bonus account is created to which 1,000 bonus points are transferred each day.

- These bonus points are used to make bets and in case of winning they are multiplied with the corresponding odds and added to the bonus account.

- At the end of each daily tournament, the bonus points are set to zero and new bonus points are transferred, so the next day starts with equal conditions.

- Take one of the 5 prize places with the most bonus points collected and win your share of the daily prize fund.

- The daily prize fund of 100,000 AMD will be distributed among the 5 winners as follows:

1 45%
2 25%
3 15%
4 10%
5 5%

- Take the 1st place in the daily tournament and, at the end of the month, participate in the monthly tournament.

- Take one of the 10 prize places with the most bonus points collected and win your share of the monthly prize fund.

- The monthly prize fund of 2,000,000 AMD will be distributed among the 10 winners as follows:

1 50%
2 20%
3 12․5%
4 7․5%
5 3․75%
6–10 1․25% each

- Take the first place in the monthly tournament.

- Collect at least 5,000,000 won bonus points.

- Win Hyundai Accent.

- You can make bets only on the events that start between 08:00 of the given day and 03:00 of the next day.

- The table of the daily Sport Tournament is formed from the calculated bets during the period of 08:00 of the given day till 08:00 the next day.

- The bets made during the tournament day must be calculated within 08:00-08:00 of the tournament day, so the win amount is added to the bonus points. Otherwise the bet amount will be refunded.

- The Sport Tournament month is considered to be the period between the first day of the given month and the first day of the next month.

- Only the verified (passport/ID, email/mobile number) users of sport.totogaming.am can participate in the Sport Tournament.

- The Sport Tournament gives opportunity to make bets only on outcomes of those events that are included in the tournament (all bet types participate - Win1 - Draw - Win2, Handicap, Total, etc.).

- Find the included events by activating the pedestal-shaped button at the top left corner of sport.totogaming.am.

- In the “Sport Tournament” section of your game account you can see the tournament table of the day with the participants’ collected points, current leaders, while after the end of the tournament day – with the winners of the day.

- The prizes are credited to winners’ game accounts right after the end of the daily/monthly tournament.

- The Hyundai Accent will be given to the winner during 30 days after the monthly tournament.