New convenient method for Withdrawal

From now on, you can make withdrawals from your TotoGaming Sports and Casino account in a new way - through Telcell terminals.

To do so:

Go to the “Withdrawal” section of your Sports or Casino account and click on the Telcell option.

Then specify the amount and confirm.

When your withdrawal request is approved, a transaction ID will be sent to your mobile phone and email address.

After receiving the transaction ID, go to a Telcell terminal with your passport, enter the WITHDRAWAL or TOTOGAMING section on the home page and select the appropriate option - Sports Withdrawal or Casino Withdrawal.

Then enter your passport ID and phone number and click on "Next".

After that, give your passport to the shop assistant and wait for an SMS message to come (if the assistant is absent, call the number indicated on the terminal).

As soon as you receive an SMS code, enter the code in the appropriate box on the terminal screen, click on "Next" and fill in the "Transaction ID" field, indicating the ID that had been sent to your mobile phone and email address. Then go to the next page, where you will see the transaction details.

To complete the transaction, click on "Withdraw", enter the amount and confirm by clicking on "Receive Cash". Here you go. Your money withdrawal is complete. Remember that the maximum amount of withdrawal from the terminal at once is 400,000 AMD, and the minimum is 1000 AMD.

If the withdrawal amount is non-rounded, for example, 10,500 AMD, you will receive a rounded amount, in this case - 10,000 AMD, while the remaining 500 AMD will be kept in your Telcell wallet and you can receive it during the next withdrawal through Telcell.

If during entering the withdrawal amount on a terminal you specify a smaller number than you had indicated while making a withdrawal request on the website, then after receiving the withdrawal amount, the remaining amount will be kept in your Telcell wallet and you can get it during the next withdrawal through Telcell.

For example, if you indicate 30,000 AMD on the site during withdrawal and specify 10,000 AMD on the terminal, you will get 10,000 AMD, while the remaining 20,000 AMD will remain in your Telcell wallet and you can withdraw it during the next withdrawal request.

You can make withdrawals through Telcell terminals located at the following addresses:


Arshakunyats 2/7

Koryun 10/2

Azatutyan 11/3

Khorenatsi 26

Komitas 11/3

Tigran Mets 6/1

Bagratunyats 53

Lepsius 12/4

Azatutyan 24/12

Egh. Tadevosyan 8/2

Hasratyan 4/6

Khaghagh Don 19/10

Abovyan 43/8

Khudiakov 1/5

Titogradyan 1

Abovyan 50/7

Gay 15/10

Bagratunyats 11/4

Andranik 4/5

Isahakyan 2/5

Tashkent 7/3

Atenk 5/3

Tigran Mets 71/2

Arshakunyats 36/5

Komitas 31/3

G. Mahari 39/7

Raffi 55/3

Vardanants 24/5

Mazmanyan 5/14

Isakov 6/9

Komitas 45/6

Muratsan 114/2

Nzhdeh 21/6

Beknazaryan 44

Mikoyan 17/3

T. Petrosyan 5/6

Melkumov 23/4

Avan Arinj 3/16

Gyurjyan, near Polyclinic

Tigran Mets 36/12

Abovyan 1/7

Andranik 73/2

Raffi 57/6

Mashtots 46/6

Khorenatsi 45/3

Ohanov 7/2

Alek Manukyan 1/6

S. David 87/4

Erebuni 21/3

Gay 14/12


Hanrapetutyan 62/81

Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30

Bagratunyats 5/3

Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:000

T. Petrosyan 25/5

Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:00

Margaryan 23/6

Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:00

Tigran Mets 10

Mon-Sun, 00:00-24:00

Rubinyants 15/5

Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:000

Mashtots 5

Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:00

Sebastia 141/5

Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:00